Winter Shutdowns for Evaporative Air Conditioners

Hard to believe it has come around so quickly but summer has left us and it is now time to put your Evaporative Air Conditioner into hibernation for the winter months.  This will ensure that your unit is kept clean and healthy and your home stays warmer.


What we do:

  1. Clean and clear water reservoir & distribution system of dirt and sludge.
  2. Wash the filter pads.
  3. Clear debris from water pump.
  4. Clear debris from filter basket.
  5. Winter Hibernation Service – Turn off water either at roof or at stop valve.
  6. Winter Hibernation Service – Turn off Power to Protect Electronics, if unit is not fused at switchboard or isolated at the roof unit.
  7. Winter Hibernation Service – Cover the Unit with your Air Conditioner Cover or Louver. All Hours Electrical WA can supply covers for $99 GST included – just order one when you book your service. It helps Extend the Life of your Unit by protecting it from the Winter Elements and keeps your home warmer by preventing draughts through the vents.


Call All Hours Electrical WA now on 92752839 to book your service in or just reply to this email!

We have a $99 Special for Standard Single Storey Homes.  EC 12451.

RCD and Smoke Alarm Checks

The Winter Months are an ideal time to get all RCDs and Smoke Alarms checked.

Many domestic and commercial fires can be avoided with regular checks.  It is recommended that your RCD’s get checked every 3 months and smoke alarms get checked every month to stay compliant.  The battery on the smoke alarms also need to be replaced every 12 months.  All smoke Alarms need to be completely replaced every 10 years.  It’s also a good idea if your smoke alarms are approaching their 10th year to get them replaced before they start playing up in the middle of the night or during the weekend when expensive After hours fees will apply.

Let one of our Licenced Electricians come out and conduct an RCD and Smoke alarm check on the Residence for only $99 total.  We will send you an Electrical Safety Certificate ESC with your invoice once it has been completed.  We will also notify you when the current Smoke alarms need to be replaced.

We will contact you on site if a RCD or Smoke Alarm needs to be replaced – it only costs $150 plus gst for each replacement of an RCD or a Smoke Alarm.  If you give us the go ahead to replace the effected RCD or Smoke Alarm the ESC will be included free of charge.


Evaporative Air Conditioning Services

Did you know we are open for Bookings from 8am to 8pm 7 Days a week? As a working Family we know how hard it is to remember to book a Tradie during normal working hours. We seem to remember once we get into bed so if you are like us you can send us a text and we will call you the next day. Texts are Welcome 24/7. We currently have our Evaporative Air Conditioning summer Service for only $99 total for a single storey home.


Evaporative Air Conditioning Summer Service

It’s that time of the year to have your Evaporative Air Conditioner Serviced for Summer.
Do you know that it is advisable to get your evaporative cooling systems serviced at least twice a year?
1. Seasonal Maintenance of your Evaporative Air-conditioning System is important because Evaporative Air-conditioners are a moist environment that supports air-borne diseases. Seasonal Maintenance helps minimise this potential health risk.

2. This Moist environment is also responsible for corrosion of numerous electrical and mechanical components. Seasonal maintenance of your air-conditioner helps prolong the working life of the unit and as a result can save you money on costly repair.

3. Evaporative air-conditioners suck in dust and dirt during the course of normal operation this dust turns into a black sludge that needs to be removed for the healthy operation of the unit. It is interesting to note that even the so called maintenance free units cannot expel this dust, the only way of removing this dust is to physically clean the unit.

4. Regular servicing also helps to identify small problems that can be rectified before they become large costly repairs.

Our Summer Service is still only $99 total (single storey)
Call Chris on 92752839 or text her on 0413337871
OR alternatively just reply to this email!
We take Bookings 8am – 8pm and 24/7 texts are welcome!


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